Friday, September 10, 2010

Practice Cake - Take 1

As I said in my last post Kathy and I were taking cake decorating classes and that I would keep you posted on the happenings of that class. Well we ended up not going to our last class. I ended up going to a football game for my little cousin's first time marching in the band. My teacher called me the week after the class and told me to go ahead and decorate my cake and send her a picture though so I could get my certification for taking the class. Soooo....I decided that decorating a cake and doing a practice wedding cake for my brother, Bryan and Kathy's upcoming wedding at the same time would be a GREAT idea.

First I had to talk to Kathy about what type of cake they wanted. Since she was married before and had a round cake then she wanted a square cake this time. We came up with making the cake ivory colored with baby pink dots on the side and brown and pink ribbon around the bottom with pink flowers on the corners of the cake. She really wanted chocolate cake with buttercream and my brother wanted white cake with buttercream, so I decided I would make half chocolate and half white cake.

This was my first attmpt with using square cake pans and I have to say that it was a little harder than I would have thought. My cake rose really high in the middle so I ended up having to cut a good bit off to level it and it still wasn't very level.

I used boxed cake mix for both the chocolate and the white cake, but I actually made my own buttercream. I used the Wilton buttercream recipe, but I didn't use the shorting cause I think it tastes funny. I like my buttercream with nothing but butter in it, but using only butter does have its down falls. When you use only butter it makes the icing butter yellow, so I bought some Wilton White-White and lightened the icing to the color I wanted it.

Here is what my first attempted turned out like. The flowers are just some fake ones that Kathy brought bake from Hawaii for my nieces. For the real cake she is wanting to use Gerber daisies or something like that.