Thursday, June 2, 2011

Graduation/Marine Cake

So my little cousin's boyfriend's mom asked me to make a cake for her son's graduation/going into the Marines. She wanted a full sheet cake where half the cake was decorated in his high school colors and the other side done in Marine colors.  We decided to make half the cake white cake with buttercream and the other half chocolate with chocolate icing.  I decided to order edible logos for the high school logo and the Marines logo, but ended up not getting the logo for the high school and had to end up using the piping gel/wax paper trick.  

If you've never used piping gel you take an image and invert it and place it under a piece of wax paper.  Then you take some piping gel (located in the cake decorating section at most craft stores or Wal-Mart) and you can use any color food coloring and mix it into the piping gel.  Then you use a small circle tip (tip 1 or tip 3) to trace around the the picture under the wax paper.  Once you have finished tracing just take the wax paper and place it on your iced cake then fill it in. 

The edible logo was easy to apply.  It came on wax paper and I just had to roll it across the edge of the table to loosen the logo from the wax paper.  Once it was loosened then just you pull it off, place it on the already iced cake and then press the logo down gentle working from the center outwards.  Once I had the logo on I just used some black icing (chocolate icing colored black) to cover us the white edges of the logo. 

For the white cake I used buttercream icing and colored it blue and orange.  I used the blue for the majority of the background and used the orange as the boarder and for the V in the logo. 

For the chocolate cake I used chocolate icing and buttercream icing.  The chocolate was colored black and the buttercream was colored red.  

So here is what the cake looks like after its all said and down.  I placed the white cake on the left and the chocolate on the right. They are pushed together so you can't see the whole cake because of part of it being under the cake box. (Sorry about the picture quality.  It was kind of dark in my mom's kitchen.)

Hope he likes it. :)

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