Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Change of Design

Found out the reason the square cake didn't come out even was because the pan was actually bent causing all of the cake to pool in the middle.  I went back to Hobby Lobby to see about getting another pan, but all of them were like that.  So....on to plan B.  

We've decided to change it to a round cake about 2 weeks before the wedding.  Well, I started coming up with the plan of when everything was going to get made and put together and it ended up that one of my co-workers got sick and had to go into the hospital.  We had made plans to swap shifts the week of the wedding so I could be off to make the cake.  Because she is an awesome lady and she is always taking care of everyone else I covered her shift until they made other plans to make sure it was covered. 

The week of the wedding Kathy and I changed our mind again since I wasn't sure how much time I was going to get off to bake the cake. We decided to go with 3 types of cupcakes (Strawberry, white and chocolate) with an 8 in. round cake for them to save for their 1 year anniversary. 

To save time we used box cake mix for the cupcakes.  For the 8 in. round I did half chocolate and half white.  We decided to use my mom's Chocolate Cake recipe and the cake part from a Baltimore Cake recipe.  Because of the time crunch we used store bought Buttercream icing and just used the Wilton's White-White to get it to the color we needed.

Once we had everything baked and cooled we started piping the icing on. I decided to go with a star tip for a rose look on the cupcakes since Kathy thought it looked pretty.  Once we got all of the cupcakes iced I took a small round tip and piped different things onto the cupcakes in pale pink.  

On this one it had the date of the wedding.

On this one I did the initial of their last name. You can also see on the one to the left that I put a Gerber Daisy on the cupcake.

This one has both their initials on the side and the last name initial in the middle. (This cupcake didn't have a good trip on the way to the wedding. It got a little squished on the side of the box.)

For the round cake we decided to keep with the same idea that we had come up with for the square cake. We iced it in the ivory buttercream and added the pale pink dots around the cake with the ribbon on the bottom.  Kathy decided on a "L" with rhinestones for the cake topper so I put it on the top with a Gerber Daisy and a light pink rose. To finish the cake I did a small shell piping around the top of the cake.

We placed the cake and the decorated cupcakes on a tiered stand in the center of the table and had two smaller cupcake trees on the sides with the plainly decorated cupcakes.

We decorated the tiered stand with a couple of the Gerber daisies and light pink roses.

Here is a picture of the happy couple standing behind their cake/cupcakes.

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