Friday, February 4, 2011

Hot Pink Cake!

This cake was for my cousin Erin's 13th birthday. She is a princess and was having a costume party for her birthday this year. The 13th party is the last party they get to have before their 16th, so she wanted to make sure he cake was awesome. I pretty much had free reign over this cake. She wanted it to be a total surprise. She did give me input on her favorite colors though. Her favorite colors are all BRIGHT! Hot Pink, Lime Green, Electric Blue, Electric Purple. 

So my idea for the cake was to make her a princess cake since she was going to dress as a princess for her costume party. I planned on HOT PINK on the outside with PURPLE cake on the inside and for the filling to do a rainbow with all the colors she gave me. 

For the cake I used white cake and added electric purple food coloring to it. When we cut into it it kind of looked like Barney got baked inside my cake. :) For some reason I cannot find the picture I took of the inside, but as soon as I do I will post it.

The outside got the hot pink treatment. I added different colored dots on the bottom of the cake and her initials on the top. For the finishing touches I added a glass slipper on top, some diamonds around the cake and some pretty jewels dangling from the cake. The jewels didn't turn out so well. I apparently used the wrong kind of wire when I made them, but now I know and knowing is half the battle. :)

Finished product

Top view

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