Sunday, August 22, 2010

My First Tier Cake

So it's that time again...another birthday party, but this time it was for my niece, Hope. It was her 7th birthday party and since getting a Wii for Christmas last year she has been obsessed with Mario, so she decided she wanted a Mario birthday party. My brother found some cakes online that he thought would be cool for her birthday, but all of them were tiered. The cake we decided on trying to make was a 2 tier cake with the basic scenes from the Mario game. On the original cake that we were basing this off of had miniture Mario characters on it, but we weren't able to find any characters online that we could buy, so my brother found a Mario chess set that he ordered.

I started the cake off with Funfetti cake mix since it had the Marioish colors inside the cake. It took me 6 boxes of cake mix to make 2 - 12 in. layers and 2 - 8 in. layers for the cake. I have to say that these cakes turned out a lot better than my attempts with the Hello Kitty cake. :)

I started working on the cake the Thursday before the party. It took me the majority of the day to bake all of the cakes and letting them cool.

Here is a picture of the cake put together and dirty iced.

Friday after I got off work I iced the cake in a sky blue and started to pipe on the grassy hills. And after a half day of work on Saturday I went home to finish up the cake by piping on the bricks for the stairs to the flag, the flag pole and flag, the mushrooms, stars and coins and the question mark boxes for the mushrooms and coins.

I had a little issue with the coloring of the green icing for the pipe, but you get the point. :)

For the coins and star I bought some yellow edible sparkles.

My awesome question mark boxes. I was super proud of them. :)

I put her initial for the flag to make it a little more special for her.

That completes the 360 view.

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