Sunday, August 22, 2010


My friend Rachael decided that she wanted to make a cake for her son's birthday party and I told her that I would help her with the cake. We decided on making 2 - 12 in. chocolate cakes and 2 - 8 in. white cakes. Racheal found some recipes online for chocolate cream cheese icing and some kind of raspberry icing (I'll have to find out exactly what it was from her.)

Well, the cake making went okay. We got the white cakes made without any problems and 1 of the chocolate cakes made without any problems. The second chocolate cake that I made got stuck in the pan and ended up falling apart when I got it out of the pan. The second attempt went much better. When we started putting the cake together we quickly realized that the chocolate cream cheese icing was not meant to be a filling. Within 20 minutes after putting the second layer on top of the chocolate cream cheese icing the cake started splitting in half and eventually fell right off, so we ended up taking the top layer off, cutting the bottom layer in half and flipping the top part with the icing on it around so it made 2 smaller layers. I did the same for the white cake so it wouldn't be disproportionate.

We decided to try to make the All Spark from the move as a topper for the cake. We made some marshmellow treats and shaped it into a square. We then we had our first run in with fondant and lets just didn't go so well. After I covered the marshmellow treats with fondant I took a skewer and made the marks from the All Spark. I then took glitter dust and brushed it on to the whole thing then took black petal dust and brushed it into grooves to make them stand out.

I wasn't completely happy with the results, but her kid liked it so that's all that matters.

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